In China, acupuncture has developed over thousands of years through the power of observation and the resulting new insights in the function of the human body. Keeping in mind traditions, the knowledge of acupuncture could grow more and more. The essence of acupuncture is balancing the antagonistic poles Yin and Yang. According to the chinese system of transformation phases, Yin is water and Yang is fire. Ideally, these poles should be in equilibrium, for which purpose the water must rise and the fire must descend. When Yin and Yang are balanced the life energy Qi can flow unhindered through the meridians, a network of channels, improving the person's health. However, Yin and Yang can shift towards a state of inbalance. In this case, acupuncture can re-establish a state of equilibrium by stimulating specifc acupuncture points on the meridians. As the discrete merdian pathways connect to associated organs the physiological symptoms and causes are treated. Chinese medicine considers the physiology of the symptoms as well as the emotional and mental state and the social circumstances of the individual. Acupuncture has diverse applications for a wide variety of symptoms.


The entire human organism is represented in the ear through acupuncture points. Hence, ear-acupuncture can support body point acupuncture or be used seperately.


In Moxibustion dried mugwort, the moxa, is burned to warm acupuncture points. Moxa is available as loose dried leaves or as mugwort pressed into cigars. Different techniques of Moxibustion exist:
- "The warm needle": an acupuncture needle is set and a small cone of loose moxa at the needle's blunt end is burnt off. The heat is focussed directly through the needle to the acupuncture point.
- Moxa cigar: a heat stimulus is set by burning the moxa cigar over an acupuncture point using the hand-picked "bird picking method".
- Moxa cone: a ginger disc is placed on the selected acupuncture point. On top of the ginger disc a small cone formed from loose herb is positioned and burnt. This indirect moxibustion also transfers heat to the acupuncture point.

Moxibustion is often used when symptoms are caused by cold, weakness or moisture.


Spherical glasses with negative pressure are set on the affected skin areas. By moving the glasses back and forth on the skin, tensions and cramps are released. This treatment also promotes blood circulation.


A diet in accordance with the individual's constitution can already make a considerable contribution to the recovery and maintenance of a person's health. Chinese medicine includes nutrition as an essential factor of human well being.


Sometimes the emotional levels of a person are closed due to traumatic experiences. These can be made accessible again through complementary bodywork during acupuncture. In addition to acupuncture and primarily the rice grain moxa, gold, silver or copper sticks, so-called teishins, are also used, which restore the original energetic state of the patient over a longer period of time. This can be used to access the emotional levels.